• Akhila Easwaran

Water and Food..!

Covid-19 Pandemic is disrupting the world, Millions are affected and lakhs of people have died. Developing nations like India are struggling to deal with it. Migrants, guest workers from all over the world are heading to their hometown, Families waiting for their safe return.  In Chennai, over 4 lakhs guest workers from various parts of Uttar Pradesh Bihar Odisha Manipur Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were working. With COVID 19 they were left with no job and salary. With no avail they had to leave the city. Due to nation-wide lockdown they were kept under the care of Greater Chennai Corporation. Tamil Nadu police, and other NGOs volunteered to help them.  People from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana started walking on the Highway and part of them were brought back to the camp.  At the end of May month, the lockdown was lifted and . Railway services were started again and lakhs of people including children, pregnant women, elderly people, physically challenged went back to their native places.

The average temperature of Chennai during May 2020 was 38°C. They had to travel for at least 34 hours. This photo series is about the necessity of water and how passengers managed it.


Ambattur Industrial Estate police station sponsored the food for 1500+ workers thrice a day. Boxes were drawn to maintain social distance. Food was neatly packed and distributed to them in an organised way.

When the government suddenly announced the lockdown, Thousands of the passengers were already in Central Railway station already vacated their living place. They stayed in the station for a night, then The Greater Chennai corporation provided them with camps.


Amma unavagam is a successful scheme in Tamil Nadu, where one can buy one rupee per idly for breakfast, sambar rice, lemon rice, curd rice- any rice plate for rs 5, two chapatis for 3 rs. Amma unavagam has been a saviour for daily wagers who became unemployed, bachelors, essential workers etc. Amma unavagam has satisfied the hunger of many during the lockdown, especially the needy ones.  Hand wash and sanitizers were also provided,while the queue  maintained social distance.

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